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Black History

African-American Inventors
McKinley Burt

This book removes from the realm of hearsay and folklore, the very real and magnificent accomplishments of a talented race of people. It may be used both as a social studies text and as a business or economics workbook — relating as it does...to a vital economic package (in terms of patents) which has greatly influenced America’s industrial development. Only book on the market to document these contributions. Profusely illustrated with actual patent office materials.
Stock # 296959, ISBN 0-89420-344-4 -- $13.95

Black Americans in Defense of their Nation
Mark R. Salser

No book could be more timely. Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — the nation’s highest military post — was black. No person had more authority in the armed forces of the United States than he. Few people are aware of the progress that has been made toward equality in the armed forces. While we hear the bad news -- about crime, education, employment -- in the media, thousands of black men and women have been working quietly at their jobs, building a record that none can deny. They have climbed to positions of authority over thousands, even tens of thousands of military personnel. One even climbed to the very top.
Quality Softcover, 227 pages, Bibliography, Index, Stock # 297130, ISBN 0-89420-272-3, L.C. 92-62061 -- $15.95

Black Musicians of America
Richard X. Donovan

Here is an important addition to our series of books on the historic contributions of black Americans to the socio-economic-artistic tapestry of the nation. Although no single book, no matter how large or how many pages, can tell the complete story (it is changing every day, every hour.) concerning blacks and their magnificent music, Black Musicians of America will establish a major and reliable point of reference for all Americans.
Quality Softcover, 151 pages, Bibliography, Index, Stock # 297059, ISBN 0-89420-271-5 -- $14.95

Black Americans in Congress
Mark R. Salser

No one doubts that black Americans have and do play an important role in the decisions made in Washington, D.C., but how many have actually served in Congress . . . and when . . . and where did they come from, and what did they do? This book chronicles the achievements of African-Americans in our national government, from the very first to the present. Learn of their successes and failures, tragedies and triumphs, on the way to making the decisions that affect all our lives daily, as well as the lives of tens of millions of others around the world. Read of their surprising number and their lives; read beyond drab stories in the media today defined by limited space and narrow interests.
Quality Softcover, 208 pages, Bibliography, Index, Stock # 297150, ISBN 0-89420-273-1 -- $14.95

African-American Scientists
Richard X. Donovan

Three hundred years before Christ, a complex astronomical observatory existed in Kenya. One result was a complex and accurate calendar system. During the same general period, the ancient Romans, preoccupied with conquest, were keeping track of time by pounding nails into a pole. African excellence in astronomy was evident not only in Kenya, but across the breadth of East Africa. All of this occurred in the first millennium before Christ, and a little later, emerged in the area that is now Mali.

African-American Scientists makes no attempt to identify every black scientist; but, in addition to listing hundreds who have made special contributions to the world of science, it endeavors to include as much significant detail and perspective as possible.
Quality Softcover, 134 pages, Index, Illustrations, Stock # 297000, ISBN 0-89420-343-60 -- $12.95

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