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English As A Second Language

Conjugating English Irregular Verbs

This vital reference book, organized for quick referral, consists of more than 150 major irregular verbs, carried through the six most commonly-used tenses. It is designed for convenient use in libraries, schools, and homes, and will be especially appreciated by ESL students.
Paper Text, Stock # 351080. ISBN 0-89420-251-0 -- $15.95

Naz’s Underground Dictionary
Kenn `Naz’ Young

This unique book is a compilation of underground slang — words, definitions, and usage. The author gathered these terms from musicians, ethnic groups, drug culture, prisons and the underworld, hippies, bohemians, and “travelers of the road,” among others.

A widely-traveled former musician and journalist, the author accumulated this unparalleled lexicon of 9,000 entries and 35,000 definitions over nearly 40 years. Provided are approximate era, geographic location, and cultural use of many definitions. An appendix provides a brief series of episodes illustrating how this “slanguage” might be used on the street.

The book is an invaluable reference for hospitals, law enforcement officials, journalists, psychologists & psychiatrists, screenwriters, attorneys, athletic departments, social service agencies, writers’ groups, and linguists and other language researchers.
Quality Softcover, 328 pages, 2nd Edition Stock # 170550, ISBN 0-89420-288-X, L.C. 92-62066 -- $19.95

Naz’s Dictionary of Teen Slang
Kenn `Naz’ Young

The greatest changes to the American English language come from immigrants and the young. This volume documents approximately 2200 words and 2700 definitions of slang used by teenagers during this century. An entertaining — and often humorous — look at the history of our language, and many of the terms now being "rediscovered” by a new generation rebelling against the old, this may be one way to help span the generation gap.
Quality Softcover, 148 pages, Stock # 170575, ISBN 0-89420-293-6, L.C. 93-27055 -- $12.95

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