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Personal Shorthand

Personal Shorthand Cardinal Series
Carl W. Salser, C. Theo Yerian, PhD

This series consists of three parts. Each part is more than adequate for a full term of shorthand instruction.

PS/1 (40 lessons) covering Theory, Personal Notetaking Techniques, and Introduction to Transcription.
PS/1 Text; Softcover. Stock # 241050 ISBN 0-89420-106-9 -- $10.95
Correlated Publications
Teacher's Manual &
Key to Text

Key to Tests


20 Optional Recordings (Includes Text, Teacher's Manual with Key, Tests,
& Test Key)


PS/2 (40 lessons), covering Speedbuilding and Transcription, Vocational Applications, and Special Vocabularies.
PS/2 Text; Softcover. Stock # 241105 ISBN 0-89420-107-7 -- $11.95
Correlated Publications
Text Key
20 Optional Recordings (Includes Text & Key)

PS/3 (40 lessons) including Advanced Speedbuilding and Transcription, Secretarial Procedures, Technical Vocabularies, and Reference Guide.
PS/3 Text; Softcover. Stock # 241165 ISBN0-89420-108-5 -- $13.95
Correlated Publications
Key to Text
20 Optional Recordings (Includes Text & Key)

PS/80 is a hardbound combination of the PS/1 and PS/2 texts, intended for courses that might take 16 to 18 weeks. Use tests and recordings above.
PS/80 Text; Hard Cover. Stock # 241180 ISBN 0-89420-221-9 -- $15.85
Teacher's Manual & Key -- $6.95

PS Cardinal Series Individualized Program
Carl W. Salser, C. Theo Yerian, PhD

A complete Individualized Mastery Learning course in Personal Shorthand, identical in content to the PS/1 Cardinal Series text, consisting of 20 carefully prepared recordings, a correlated student syllabus, and additional supporting materials. For intermediate and advanced study, see PS/2 and PS/3 above.
20 recordings, 40 lessons. Stock # 241000 (Includes one complete set of the correlated publications listed below) -- $314.95
Additional Copies of Printed Publications
Student Workbook
Teacher's Manual & Key
Key to Tests

PS Cardinal Series 2000, High School Edition
Salser & Yerian

The latest edition of our 80-lesson text, redesigned and augmented for our PS Cardinal Series 2000. More attractive two-color layout makes the book more readable and interesting for students. All new supplementary Endurance Letters for dictation and transcription practice give instructors options in preparing practice material for students, with a minimum of effort.
Books 1 & 2 Combined; 452 pages, hardcover, Stock # 241280, ISBN 0-89420-260-X -- $21.95
Teacher's Manual and Key, including new dictation material. Stock # 241282 -- $6.95

PS Cardinal Series 2000, College Edition
Salser & Yerian

Especially prepared for college and university classes, this textbook -- in the new Cardinal 2000 series -- incorporates more than enough material for schools operating on a term basis, and when supplemented with appropriate dictation material, even a semester's work.

Presentation of PS Theory is the same as in our PS/1 introductory text or Individualized program above, but all of the dictation and transcription material is college level, covering such areas as communication skills, the computer age, computer crime, stocks and bonds, population demographics, economics, occupational trends, etc.
PS/1 2000, College Edition, 40 lesson text, softcover. Stock # 244250, ISBN 0-89420-247-X -- $17.95
Teacher's Manual and Key, including additional dictation material. Stock # 244255 -- $5.35

Personal Shorthand for the Journalist
C. Theo Yerian, Walter Blum

A special text/workbook written primarily for the use of students of journalism and practicing journalists. In addition to learning a very practical notetaking skill, students receive much helpful information pertaining to the work of the journalist. One of the co-authors is a well respected jounalist at one of the country's leading daily newspapers.
Text/Workbook. Stock # 242032. ISBN 0-89420-214-6 -- $14.95
Additional Correlated Publications
Workbook Key
15 Optional Recordings, $237.20
(Includes copy of Text & Key)

PS for the Administrator/Executive/ Manager/Supervisor

A Personal Shorthand text/workbook especially designed for the busy executive; consisting of 10 theory sections, 10 practice sections, and 10 reference sections. Designed to approximately double writing speed in approximately four weeks.
Text/Workbook. Stock # 420125,
ISBN 0-89420-237-5 -- $12.75
Key to Workbook -- $3.95

PS for College and University Notetaking

A self-contained text-workbook, designed for use by individuals, or in brief personal-use classes (use Cardinal Series Manuals, Keys, and Tests).
Text/Workbook, softcover. Stock # 421000 -- $11.95

PS for the Executive Secretary

(To be used after Mastery of Shorthand Theory) Includes comprehensive lectures on office procedures and management, in addition to intensive skillbuilding for the PS writer assuming executive office management responsibilities.
15 recordings, 30 lessons. Stock # 217100 (Includes one complete set of the correlated publications listed below) -- $243.95
Additional Copies of Printed Publications
Student Workbook
Key to Workbook

Tests & Key

PS Supplementary Materials

PS Theory Review Workbook

Carefully reviews all theory principles and phonetic assignments, from three to five times. Each lesson may be used as a test as well as a workbook exercise. Approximately half the schools that teach PS use this workbook for additional review of theory principles, but whether it is appropriate will, naturally, depend upon the goals, student abilities, and length of your individual course.
Stock # 216715 ISBN 0-89420-233-2 -- $9.95
Key to Workbook

PS Standard Dictionary

An invaluable reference for PS students and teachers alike, containing over 22,000 entries, each individually syllabicated and verified.
Stock # 213100 ISBN 0-89420-239-1 -- $13.95

PS Professional Combined Dictionary

This exhaustive volume includes both our Standard Dictionary and a unique Reverse Dictionary, alphabetized by shorthand, to assist transcribers.
Stock # 213000 ISBN 0-89420-241-3 $22.95

PS Flashcards (Classroom size). Stock # 217015 -- $27.75
PS Flashcards (Individual Student Size). Stock # 217017 -- $7.95
PS General Reference Guide for PS Writers and Transcribers. Stock # 213550 -- $4.95
PS Theory Card. Contains all basic PS Theory on a single 3 x 5 card. Included with every introductory text or workbook. Stock # 21711l -- No charge
PS Cardinal Series Teacher's Manual (included in Cardinal Series keys). Stock # 241190 ISBN 0-89420-1 i5-8 -- No charge
PS Student Certificate of Accomplishment. Stock # 217012 -- No charge to teachers requesting the necessary quantity via mail or fax on school letterhead.
PS Handbook for Beginning Legal Assistants

A comprehensive reference book of legal terms and pointers, providing, in addition, valuable practice material and writing experience for accomplished writers completed with at least PS/1 and, preferably, PS/2.
Stock # 422150 ISBN 0-89420-254-5 -- $22.95

PS Handbook for Beginning Medical/ Dental Assistants

An extremely valuable reference book in its own right (with carefully selected vocabulary lists), this book is appropriate for PS writers who have completed at least PS/1 and, preferably, PS/2.
Stock # 422100 ISBN 00-89420-253-7 -- $22.95

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