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Shorthand Resources

Controlled Dictation for Speedbuilding

Business Education's most extensive selection of dictation recordings consisting of 1-, 2-, and 3-minute letters and articles (10-word increments) at speeds from 40 to 140 wpm.
PART 1, 14 recordings, 28 tracks (40, 50, 60, 70, & 80 wpm). Stock # 139000 (Includes Teacher's Dictation Library, Part 1) -- $229.95
PART 2, 18 recordings, 36 tracks (90, 100, 110, 120, 130, & 140 wpm). Stock # 139300 (Includes Teacher's Dictation Library, Part 2) -- $289.95

Teacher's Dictation Library

These printed keys for parts 1 and 2 of Controlled Dictation for Speedbuilding are uniquely flexible in their own right for live use in classroom or testing situations. Every selection is marked with its exact word count (1.4 syllables per word) beginning at 40 wpm and continuing at 10-word increments to 140 wpm for 1-, 2-, and 3-minute periods. Each selection is also marked in 20-word (28 syllable) groupings to permit dictation at any speed desired.
PART 1, (40, 50, 60, 70, & 80 wpm). Stock # 139555 ISBN 0-89420-064-X -- $23.95
PART 2, (90, 100, 110, 120, 130, & 140 wpm). Stock # 139666 ISBN 0-89420-065-8 -- $23.95

Dictation & Transcription

This series consists of 12 recordings. While relatively modest dictation speeds are used (60-70-80 wpm), this is a challenging program, even for advanced shorthand students. Progressively longer dictation units are presented, with increasingly difficult vocabulary. A student mastering these tapes will be prepared for the dictation and transcription requirements of a secretary. An excellent program to add further competence to those who have completed your regular secretarial training course. Altogether, 90 letters and articles ate included, plus accumulative grading scales for each lesson and a final grading scale for the course.
6 recordings, 12 lessons. Stock # 150800 (includes one copy of the correlated publication listed below) -- $95.55
Teacher's Key with Grading Scales. Stock # 225909 ISBN 0-89420-069-0 3.95

Short Letter Dictation

An ideal series of dictations for pure speedbuilding. Short Letter Dictation consists of carefully graded letters, which gradually become longer but are all quite short. Each letter is dictated 4 times in a row, at progressively faster speeds. Part 1 contains 235 letters at 50, 60, 70, and 60 words per minute.

Because the letters are quite short, by the third or fourth repetition, students almost have the letter memorized, and can write the shorthand almost before it is spoken. When the final repetition is dictated 10 wpm slower than the previous one, and the student knows what is coming next, it feels almost relaxed . . . to be writing 20 wpm faster than the first attempt. What is important, however, is that the student has shortened the response time between hearing the longhand and writing the shorthand. With further practice, this will lead to the ability to write faster. Used in conjunction with other, longer dictation material -- live or recorded -- Short Letter Dictation should prepares users for both faster and longer takes.

Part 2 contains 201 letters at 60-70-80-70 wpm; Part 3 contains 180 letters at 70-80-90-80 wpm. Bridges the gap between the first and second semester and first and second year shorthand.
PART 1, 50-60-70-60 wpm. 9 recordings, 18 lessons. Stock # 120800 (Includes Longhand Key below) -- $137.75
Longhand Key to Dictation. Stock # 215505,
ISBN 0-89420-066-6 -- $2.75
PART 2,67-70-80-70 wpm. 9 recordings, 18 lessons. Stock # 120820 (Includes Longhand Key below) -- $137.75
Longhand Key to Dictation. Stock # 215506,
ISBN 0-89420-067-4 -- $2.75
PART 3, 70-80-90-80 wpm. 9 recordings, 18 lessons. Stock # 120840 (Includes Longhand Key below) -- $137.75
Longhand Key to Dictation. Stock # 215507,
ISBN 0-89420-068-2 -- $2.75

Vowel Sounds & Silent Letters

This program is designed to help the student differentiate between long and short vowel sounds and to recognize the use of diphthongs and silent letters in the English language.

Many people today simply are not aware of what a long vowel is; it is little wonder that they can't spell; shorthand, which relies on both spelling and sound, can be an extrordinarily difficult subject. Vowel Sounds is an ideal preparation for either.
1 recording, 2 lessons. Stock # 240000 (Includes both of the correlated publications below) -- $22.45
Additional Copies of Printed Publications
Student Workbook
Key to Workbook

The Complete Book of Spelling Demons

The Complete Book of Spelling Demons is just that: a composite of more than fifteen studies, analyses, and precis, involving words most commonly misspelled throughout the country. In addition to learning the correct spelling for all included vocabulary, space is provided to write the correct shorthand for each.

Ten optional recordings provide sixteen lessons and four final tests designed to help the student master all 1620 Spelling Demons. The recordings, however, are strictly optional. The book is completely usable without them.
Text. Stock # 411030 ISBN 0-89420-104-2 -- $9.95
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